Brisbane International Pistol Club



BIPC caters for all the ISSF Pistol matches at 10m; 25m; and 50m including, Athletes with a disability (WSPS) shoot 10m Air Pistol, 50m Pistol and 25m Pistol.

BIPC hosts several "open" competitions throughout the year, details of these events are posted on the Pistol Shooting Qld Website ( All BIPC members, especially new members, are encouraged to participate in these events
Club matches are as per the club Calendar but generally there is 10m Air Pistol starting from 6.30pm on Thursday nights; 25m and 50m matches are conducted on Saturday mornings from 9.30am and most Sundays at 9.30am. Members are reminded to check on your club calendar in case there are other competitions on.

Summary of Pistol Events
There are 5 matches under the ISSF rules and with 3 of them contested at Olympic Games.
  • 50m Pistol - 60 shots with .22 rimfire;
  • 10m Air Pistol - 60 shots with .177 calibre, categories for juniors, women, men, WSPS and Supported match
  • 25m Rapid Fire - 60 shots with .22 rimfire shot over 2 halves with 5 shot series in 8 seconds, 6 seconds & 4 seconds on 5 different targets
  • 25m Standard Pistol - 60 shot with 4 lots of 5 shot series in 150 seconds, 20 seconds & 10 seconds
  • 25m Pistol for women/25m Centre Fire Pistol for men - this is the same match although women, juniors & WSPS compete this match with a .22 rimfire calibre pistol (men can also use this calibre at club level and some Open competitions) and 25m Centre Fire is shot with generally a .32 calibre target rounds. The match is 6 series of 5 shots in 5 minutes at a precision target then it is followed with 6 series of 5 shots shot one shot at a time on each of the green lights which is 3 seconds on a time fire target.