Brisbane International Pistol Club

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Information for New Members
Pistol shooting is generally regarded as the most challenging of the target shooting sports, but it is also one of the most accessible and enjoyable. There are generally no barriers of age, gender or physical disability which will prevent you being an active member of the club, or being able to enjoy the sport and being competitive.

In Queensland, pistol shooting is allowed at Police approved clubs only, and as one such club, the Brisbane International Pistol Club, with its excellent facilities, offers Olympic and Commonwealth Games style shooting, being the ISSF events. (See the Matches section on this site for more information.)

What are the steps for joining the Pistol Club?
Visit the Range
The club welcomes visitors to the range Thursday evenings from 6.30pm. You will still need to check with the Secretary that a committee member will be attending as sometimes our membership is away competing at competitions. Someone from the Committee can outline what the Club is about and show you the different aspects of our sport. The range is at 1485 Old Cleveland Road, Belmont, about 1km east of the Gateway overpass. See the Contact page for directions on how to find us.
Statement of Eligibility (QP515)

All new (unlicenced) members must obtain a 'statement of eligibility' (QP515) from the QLD Police - this is basic background check that the police issue before you can apply for membership of any Qld Pistol Club. You may apply for this 'statement of eligibility' at any QLD Police Station. These are valid for a period of three months from when they are issued by the police. There is no cost for obtaining this Statement of Eligibility. (Note: if you already have a current A/B licence, the Statement of Eligibility is not required.)

Statement of Eligibility Form

Firearms Safety Course
Once you have joined the club and succesfully completed the Weapons Safety Course and Firearms Safety exam, you are then eligible to apply for a Category H Concealable Weapons Licence once the 6 month probationary period has passed. (This probationary period is a police Weapons Licencing requirement.)

Note: There are a number of clubs conducting Weapons Safety Courses, but not all of them include the category H (pistol) component. If attending a course not hosted by BIPC, please check to ensure that the course will cover all categories of firearms you are interested in. The BIPC will be holding Firearms Safety Courses as demand requires through the year. Please contact the club for more information.

Membership Types
Primary Member - PSQ / PA affiliation fee paid through BIPC
Registered Member - PSQ / PA affiliation paid through another PSQ or PA affiliated club
Club Fees
Please contact the Secretary for more information in regard to the current club fees.
Other Affiliations
All members of BIPC must be affiliated with Pistol Shooting Queensland (PSQ) and Pistol Australia (PA). This allows our members to shoot in competitions throughout Australia at affiliated clubs. Being a member of PSQ & PA provides a recognised path toward possible State and Australian team selection at National and International competitions and gives you have access to a wealth of coaching material and support.
What else will I need?
Ear Protection
This is the most important item a shooter MUST have. Ear protection in the form of earmuffs or at least earplugs should be the first purchase of a shooter. There are many different types that can be purchased from most firearms dealers, or hardware stores. (Allow approx $40 to $70 for a decent pair of ear muffs.) Pre-existing hearing impairment does not exempt you from wearing hearing protection.

Eye Protection
Along with ear protection this is also an essential safety requirement. Even if you do not require spectacles for normal wear you should use protective glasses to guard against eye damage from hot powder or gases. This is especially needed when using any auto loading pistol where there is the added danger of hot cartridge cases flying out of the breech.

Dress Code
Whenever you shoot you need to have certain minimum standards of dress to protect yourself from hot cartridge cases and other range hazards. Sleeved shirts and enclosed footwear is a minimum standard, shorts are acceptable although many people prefer trousers. A hat and/or sunscreen is a good idea especially as shooters spend some time out in the open whilst setting up and scoring their targets. Enclosed footwear is mandatory. (No thongs, sandals or 'open toe' footwear is permitted.) Footwear that supports the ankle is not allowed in ISSF competitions and while this rule is not enforced in club matches it may be enforced in open competitions. Camouflage style clothing is not acceptable on the Brisbane International ranges.

For further information:
Email the Secretary ( for more information.